Title: Anarchist students win in Australian NUS election
Date: 1995
Source: Retrieved on 5th December 2021 from struggle.ws
Notes: Published in Workers Solidarity No. 47 Spring 1996.

Reports from Australia indicate that an anarchist influenced student initiative called the Non-Aligned-Left has been elected to almost all the regional National Union of Students officer ships and is the largest faction on the national officer ships. The NUS represents some 450,000 students. It is the first time the Australian Labour Party has lost control of any state NUS branch and the first time non-Labour factions have had a majority on the national executive.

According to NAL activist Marcus Westbury The NAL has existed for only 2 years. They have grown from a handful of delegates to the second largest NUS faction primarily because of their commitment to participatory decision making, a non hierachial structure, and their non binding nature.