Dear friends, dear comrades,

Twitter is not a communication channel we like, first and foremost because it is a capitalist company with the only aim to make profits. But there are some things we want to share with all of you, and we didn’t had time to organize a better way to do it.

Our twitter account started one year ago, after Turkish regime started serious threats to invade Rojava. Back then, we wanted to share about our existence, to let everyone known that in Rojava, together with the kurds, arabs and assirians, shoulder to shoulder with communists, feminists, ecologist and other international apoists, there are a bunch of anarchists ready to fight to defend this revolution.

We still here

In this last year we went throw very hard times, but also throw very important and beautiful moments. Especially the last months had been very intense, for us and for all the revolutionaries in Rojava and all around the world. We did everything that was in our hands to defend this revolution, but was not enough to stop the invasion of the Turkish army and their islamist allies. We will continue doing everything in our hands to get rid of this bloody occupation Revolution is tension, is movement, is contradiction. Revolution is conflict. How we approach the problems, how we look for solutions, how we try to improve and develop our militant personality is what can bring us closer to our aims. Because:

“You cannot buy the revolution.
You cannot make the revolution.
You can only be the revolution.
It is in your spirit or it is nowhere.”

Long live international solidarity, against all kind of oppression!

With passion and revolutionary love

Tekoşina Anarşist