Title: The State Is The Only Terrorist
Author: London ABC
Date: September 2021
Source: https://eastangliaafed.noblogs.org/the-state-is-the-only-terrorist/

Unable to control the streets, beset by the crises of their own making, the dull functionaries of this writing worm reach for the designation of ‘terrorist’. They use this word to describe those who shake their sick world to its foundations: those who have begun to arm their conscience and have resolved to burn their passion for freedom into the concrete wasteland of this prison society.

This world is meant to scare us. It is meant to contain an indelible mark, where those who have it thrown at them are marked off from the rest of the social world. It is supposed to be beyond the pale, to demarcate a boundary: ‘beware all ye who enter here’.

To construct this special designation they have all kinds of circuses, theatres, conjuring tricks…

There’s the venerable law courts where geriatric fools pontificate on the fate of fighters and comrades with more dignity in a single hair than they will experience through the whole duration of their pathetic lives.

There’s the scum media who will turn the exuberant conquest of life implicit in the anarchist projectuality into a dreary ‘scandal;, ‘taking point’ and ‘sensation’ with about as much life and reality as a theme park constructed on the ruins of a forest.

There’s the officers of the law themselves, especially the ham-faced ‘counter-terror’ command. Slavering dogs of a social peace rotten to its core, they exceed their cold brutality only in the fanciful construction of stories of ‘victimhood’ and ‘violence’ – the raw material for the aforementioned to feast on.

Let’s clarify a few things. Murder, conspiracy, terror.

These are adequate descriptions for the Napier Barracks Concentration Camp, where migrants are rounded up and stuffed into unsanitary conditions to perish from a preventable disease becuase the highest level of government, which is a motley crew of banking interns and coked-u sex scandals waiting to happen deem them deserving of death for being surplus to the requirements of production.

They are also an adequate description of the neo-imperialist hell which reduces the majority of the world to vessels for the production for the purposes of grotesque over-consumption.

They express very well the pervasive sense of despair that accompanies the realization that every real and glittering moment has been poured down the drain of ambient social technology.

They describe the incarnation of the living earth to oil the cogs of civilised misery.

And those words can be used quite accurately to talk about the proud anarchists and fighters for freedom who- ever since the first despicable freak declared himself a ‘masters’ , called his fellow his servant and the ground his his property – have been tortured surveilled, shot, beaten, kidnapped, imprisoned, assassinated, ‘suicided’ and put into comas, so that same ruling class can have a good night’s sleep.

the word terrorist is not only an attempt to discipline anarchists. it is an attempt to discipline you. we’re coming out of lockdown now and everyone is finding a bleak, hopeless world around them.

they see that the cruel regime of debt slavery, unemployment and austerity (which has characterised the entire lives of the young) will only intensify… that they will be made to pay for the ‘special measures’ which were, finally only ever there to safeguard the bottom line.. That the disease culled those the system spits on every day anyway, and the very same ’emergency laws’ are now being used to get them to shut up about it…

They see a biosphere in a state of devastation, coughing out its last, being filled up with plastic and smog… They see that the ‘green energy future’ is a scam to bide time and keep the economy ticking, while Jeff Bezos and his cartel finds a way to ruin other planets once this one is totally charred and spent.

They see the murderers in uniform bloated with new powers to humiliate them and push them to breaking point… And they might suspect that lying behind this show of force, behind this ‘thin blue line’ is cowardice and hesitation – perhaps going all the way to the top, a weakening, a loosening grip on control…

In short, out enemy has no legitimacy. All of this is more-or-less known and accepted. it offers no excuses for itself anymore, so it needs to find something else. If they can’t rule by popular assent they will do so by fear. Historically, for example, in Italy on the 12th of December 1969 , the security services, in coordination with a fascist sect, detonated a bomb at the agricultural bank in Piazza Fontana 17 people were killed and 88 wounded. They did this in order to blame it on ‘anarchist terrorists’, in the hope that they could legitimate fascist take over and stop the spread of rebellion once and for all. Anarchist comrade Giuseppe Pinelli was ‘suicided’ out of the fourth storey window of the police station where he was kidnaped as they tried to link him to the bombing. More recently in Italy there have been countless court cases since 2016 (Scripta Manent, Panco, Renata, Scintilla); in Span there is Pandora; in Greece in June of this year, the mafia put Giannis Dimitrakis into a coma for refusing to cooperate with their hierarchy. In France our comrade Boris is also in a coma fighting for his life after a fire started in his cell burnt his body very badly. All of this has been facilitated at every level by the word ‘terrorist’ , and how it is used as password to open up a world of horrors in the dark laboratories the state reserves for this uncompromising enemies.

In Prison Island UK the ‘police and crime bill’ is also taking us in this direction, essentially authorising the state to do whatever it wants with you, should you dare to look it in the eye and begin to fight back. We may have further developments in store for us as the inevitable crisis deepens and power scrambles in the gutter for a scapegoat. Make no mistake we are at the beginning of a long process. But lets be clear as possible, lets affirm to one another the following, now and forever;

We are not afraid – call us whatever you like – the state is the only terrorist.

To act for insurrection and revolution against this disgusting system is not just the only consequence of a sharp analysis of our situation, but the only hope of a life lived with dignity, and the sole ray of light in decades of blank resignation.

Far from cowering before the law and its slanderous labels, lets rise to meet the present moment, seize it, and with all our strength, give them something to be really afraid of: the spreading beyond any barriers of the fire of immediate rebellion, against the miserable conditions of the existent.

Lets create real solidarity on this basis, which means to continue the the struggle. They can’t and won’t stop us all. Anarchy Lives! heads held high, hears burning with passion and anger! Not an inch back, everything everywhere continues!

London ABC

September 2021