We anarchists (Libertarian socialists), like the rest of the libertarians in the world, are carefully watching your revolutionary steps, without default. We will try to communicate your voices to the fullest through the free press and social networks as well as through our relations with the anarchist comrades in European countries. We will do our best to contribute to all solidarity activities and to your side in European countries.

You are not alone in your struggles, all libertarians in the world in general are in solidarity with you. We hope that the spark of your uprising will continue. You have not only forced the dictatorial authority to negotiate with you, but you have terrorized the neighboring dictatorships and made them worried about their thrones. You have succumbed to the ruling authority to listen to you and will give you false promises to put out the fire of your revolution. Suppressing and suppressing the revolution means defeating us and defeating all libertarian movements.

We have to start working and not allow them to gain and use time to strengthen their repressive forces. We should strengthen our associations, assemblies and councils in — shops, work places, schools, offices and departments that people work in and try as much as possible to form our free and professional mass organizations independent of political parties and the government, so that we can reorganize the society through such organizations as parallel so self-adminstration and anti-state authority. We must rely on the non-hierarchal organization of our ranks starting from the base up to choose our representatives and not vice versa as is customary in the traditional party organizations and in the government. The role and influence of the dominant and pro-power parties and elites should be removed from all our organizations. We should also benefit from the experiences of revolutionary movements throughout history, for example the experience of the Spanish Revolution in 1936, the revolutionary student wave in France in 1968, and the social revolutions in Latin America and others in the beginning of the last century, ...etc.

We understand from the historical experiences and experiences in recent years such as what happened in Tunisia, Iran and Iraq that we must all having solidarity against racism and sectarianism and rely on self-organization and self-adminstratoin building in farms, work places, schools, hospitals and other social affairs.

No to sovereignty and repression

Yes to freedom, equality and social justice