Title: Declaration to Evolution
Date: January 10, 1917
Source: From Robert Graham (Ed.), Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas; Volume One: From Anarchy to Anarchism (300 CE to 1939). libcom.org

SOCIETY IS THE TOTALITY OF ORGANISMS. With every organism. from each according to his capacity, to each according to his needs. seeking help from his group. the human being should be able to spend less time to bring more happiness. Thus we can understand that the way of the development of human society is through the development of morals. This is the aim: to bring happiness to all human beings in the world. Therefore, in discussions of social evolution the question is what kind of system best suits society. and how can we increase the amount of human happiness and improve its quality ... Modern anarchism means to demonstrate this truth. Now that the truth is clarified, it is time for us to start a revolution and realize the aim of this truth. What does revolution mean? The (Chinese) term “geming” is called “revolution” in the Western language. “Re” means “geng” (more), and “evolution” means “jinhua.” If we combine “re” and “evolution,” we get the term “revolution,” which simply means “more-evolution.” However, the kind of revolution we advocate is quite different from those superficial revolutions. For example, when the Entente triumphed over Germany and Austria-Hungary, many people took it as the triumph of justice over power. The kind of authoritarian power in our minds refers to more than the militarism of Germany and Austria-Hungary and Nietzsche’s “superman.” In our society everything that prevents the whole of humankind from realizing freedom and happiness, such as politics, religion, law, capitalism, is an authoritarian power. We should make further progress and totally abolish them. The world revolution by the common people leads to their life of “mutual aid” (form each according to his capacity, to each according to his needs). This is the truth of evolution (no government and no private property), and this is the final victory of truth over power! This is what our journal stands for.