Title: The Chicago Trial
Author: Freedom Press
Date: October 1, 1887
Source: Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism, Vol. 2 -- No. 13, retrieved on August 29, 2019, from RevoltLib.com.
Notes: Freedom Press, London

We are requested to publish the following notice:--" 'A concise history of the great trial of the Chicago Anarchists,' compiled by Dyer D. Lum, containing 200 pages, printed in large, clear type. Price 25 cents. A printed copy of the celebrated speeches of the eight condemned men entitled, 'The Accused the Accusers, being the the famous Speeches of the eight Chicago Anarchists in Court,' comprising 200 pages of large clear print. Price lb cents. Workingmen and others who have read the prejudiced and perverted accounts of this great capitalistic trial as given in the corrupt capitalistic press, now have an opportunity to learn the facts as taken from the official record of the trial, as well as from the statements of the condemned men themselves, which they made in their speeches expounding their principles before the court. All who would study the purposes and inspiration of the world-wide labor movement of to-day, should not fail to read these two books. Copies will be forwarded to any address on receipt of price. Reduced rates to agents. Send your orders to Socialistic Publishing Society, No. 274 West 12th Street, Chicago, III."