Title: Echoes of War
Author: Estella Arteaga
Date: 1916
Notes: Translated from the Spanish of the original article that appeared in Regeneración, Numero 228, 4 de Marzo de 1916

From “La Victoire”, January 28 and February 2, published in Paris, France, by Gustave Hervé, a former notable anti-militarist, but who, when persecuted, became intimidated and is now a staunch militarist patriot, I take the following news:

The “Berliner Tageblat”, of Balé, gives the news that Dr. Ernest Moyer, editor of the “Vowaerts”, was to have appeared before the Berlin Court on February 9, accused of having distributed in the German capital leaflets inciting the population to disobedience and revolution.

Here is an honest journalist who, if he lived in this civilized “country of liberties” [the United States of America], would not be so badly treated as he is in Germany, but would be in the company of our brothers, the Magóns, in the Los Angeles County Jail, just as he would have already had the distinction of having his head broken by some ruffian with a police badge on his vest.

In the streets of Berlin, the capital of Germany, there was a demonstration of women against the high cost of bread and beer. Ordered to disperse, they refused to do so. The police then charged at the women several times. Many were injured.

This country’s soldiers and henchmen of all sizes have nothing to envy. Just ask the women and children of Ludlow, Colorado.

Governments everywhere are just as bad. That is why Mexicans must fight against all governments.

In Dusseldorf, Germany, hundreds of women marched through the streets shouting for the return of their husbands who have been sent to the bestial European butchery, and for bread for their children. Similar demonstrations have been occurring in other places and in most cases these poor proletarian women have been answered by the bullets of the henchmen.

Despicable bourgeois society! Everything is settled at gunpoint! … And there is still the impudence to take our Magón brothers to prison because they want all this brutality to stop!

The German authorities in Vilnius, Poland, have tried to use the local factories by adapting them to the manufacture of munitions, for which purpose they have also entered into negotiations with the workers’ organizations. When the organized workers refused to work in these factories, the stupid and perverse authorities deported several of them to Germany, where they were forced to work in the Krupp factory in Essen, subject to a real system of slavery.

All the above news is about what is happening in Germany, but that does not mean that the same thing is not happening in France, Italy, England, Russia and other countries affected by the war.

Wherever iniquities are seen, even in countries like the United States, which hypocritically call themselves democratic, things turn out to be worse than Russia, because even the Czar declares himself frankly autocratic, while Wilson, like his compadre Carranza, plays the role of a just and upright man, being in reality a brutal murderer of freedom.

Death to governments! Long live free humanity!