Thinking people choose to guide their political awareness and activity by one of two basic assumptions: coercion, force, slavery, and oppression are acceptable or they are not.

Human society is either driven by mutual aid or some form of predation. Examples of both abound throughout history and among personal relationships.

One is sustainable and beneficial and facilitates the flowering of all things good and the other drags our world toward demise, destroying life and making it miserable instead of joyous and creative. Amerika or Empire or predator or whatever you want to call it, is the quintessential en-slaver of this Earth. It is Hitler’s dream come true. A white, ultra capitalist power dominates and acts as Nazi-esque enforcer. To some, this is a good thing and they develop elaborate systems to justify it and obfuscate the truth. To them, slavery is freedom and war is peace.

Every second of our lives is bombarded with their propaganda, mixed with threats and countless examples of what can happen to you if you don’t go along with the program. The world gets bombs and we get bars. Their object is to kill off hope of a better world, while reveling in obscene wealth and the “thrill” of oppressing humanity. I’m talking about the people behind the curtains – the policymakers. They may have even bought into the propaganda that leads them to think they are doing the opposite, helping humanity. Paul Wolfowitz, recently appointed to the U.S. Dominated World Bank, claims this group is interested in “ending poverty” when in fact it does the opposite. This makes for a deeply pathological society.

The murder of tens of thousands, even millions of people is outside judicial prosecution, as committed under the aegis of the State, as the theft of billions of dollars by them and their corporate sponsors. Street crime, on the other hand, is viciously prosecuted to the point where we now have 25% of the world’s prisoner population — 2.2 million souls – warehoused in dreadful torture chambers. Where rape, violence, and disease are pandemic. It is domestic oppression of the highest order.

Abu Ghraib and Cook County Jail have similar objectives and tactics. They are meant to keep the poor people down! The punishment industry is ground zero in the war, here in the United States. The most oppressed are also the most knowledgeable and insightful and that is why I work closely with them. I want to learn and disseminate the truth – to do my part.

Prisoners are classified as slaves, sanctioned by the 13 Amendment to the Constitution, which we have been told was meant to abolish slavery!

This is the implementation of policy to neutralize the threat from the oppressed communities. Young Blacks have had their very existence criminalized. One third of all Black men in their twenties are either incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. In some cities, this figure is well over 50%.

Even the staid incarceration experts in the universities call it a “frenzy to incarcerate.” It is a holocaust situation and most non-Black people do not even know or care. That is demented. A similar situation is forced upon others who are not willing to be brainwashed and plugged obediently into the system, such as Native Americans/ Indigenous peoples, Spanish speaking people, and young people. But, there is no such thing as “white people” and we too are human beings who should demand our own self-respect and not whore ourselves out to hideous bullies.

We are oppressed too, as wage slaves, taxpayers and drones. A vacuous, hedonistic, materialist culture is a shameful price to pay for acquiescence.

TRUTH is Revolutionary.